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Former Seguin Mayor Betty Jean Jones

      One needs but to view Seguin today to become instantly aware that it is a city that continues to prosper on firm foundation laid by people of character in preceding generations. Its preservation of past edifices mingled with modern facilities evidences its pride in past heritage and hope for the future. Seguin is a city of pride - pride in its history, pride in its multicultural roots, and pride in its future. Many people, black, white, hispanic have dedicated themselves to making and keeping Seguin the respected community that it is, with the reputation of being a good place to live, to work, and to rear children. We have, historically, faced our challenges, met our adversities, and never lost sight of our dreams.

     John Gesick and Under the Live Oak Tree have captured the spirit that is Seguin. He has done a remarkable job in fitting the spirit of the community into the much larger global picture, from the events that led to its inception, the generations of people who have dedicated themselves personally, civically and politically to benefit our town, our area, our state, our nation, to the underlying comon bond of all ehtnic groups who have contributed to make this city the enviable caring, sharing community that it is today.

      Mr. Gesick concludes his epilogue with the words, "The End." I would have chosen, "To Be Continued...", for we are all standing on the threshhold of a new century with new problems and new challenges. We, as a dedicated community, will meet these obstacles with the same tenacity as our forebears. Seguin will continue to be a good place to live, and to thrive on the foresight and deep-seated community-oriented values established by those who preceded us.

      Thank you, John Gesick, for your most commendable 150th birthday gift to the City of Seguin.

      Betty Jean Jones

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