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The Founding of The Public Library Foundation
The Foundation, 1993 and 1994
The Foundation's Campaign Fund Drive of 1995-1996
The Structure of The Public Library Foundation
The Current Operations of The Public Library Foundation
The Special Gift Opportunities for Donors

The following is adapted from a series of six articles which originally appeared in The Seguin-Gazette Enterprise in 1998.

The Founding of The Public Library Foundation.

In 1991, a group of people interested in promoting and supporting public library services in Seguin founded The Public Library Foundation. The original founders were Marvin Rinn, Stan McKenzie, Keith Hutson, Charles Koehler and Bob Blevins.

The founders served as the first Board of Directors of The Foundation. Marvin Rinn was elected President, . Charles Koehler was elected Vice President and Stan McKenzie was elected Secretary-Treasurer.

To enable The Foundation to be established, an anonymous supporter of the library very generously donated $15,000 to The Foundation. Without this generous donation, it would not have been possible to have formed The Foundation. The Foundation offers a special thank you to this generous donor.

In 1992, The Foundation conducted its first fund drive. To assist in this endeavor, The Foundation felt that a professional fund raiser was needed. Thus, The Foundation employed Harold Bogisch of Funds Unlimited to plan and guide the campaign.

The Foundation Board concluded that the initial campaign should be limited in scope. This decision was based on various factors, including particularly the local business climate which existed at the time. Accordingly, no personal contacts were made.

Instead, letters soliciting donations for The Foundation were sent to various businesses and individuals who had established reputations for financially supporting the Library. The response to these solicitations exceeded expectations and firmly established that there was substantial support in the community for The Foundation and its goals.

The Foundation, 1993 and 1994.

Marvin Rinn, the first President of The Foundation, died in 1993. At the time of his death many of his friends sent memorials to The Foundation in his honor. The Foundation was, of course, pleased that so many of Marvin's friends sought to honor his memory in this way. At the same time, The Foundation was saddened by his death and also felt a real sense of loss. He was the man who was the catalyst in forming The Foundation and in acting as its first president.

In 1994, a new board of directors was elected. At the same time new officers were also elected to lead The Foundation.

In anticipation of a second and enlarged campaign fund drive, The Foundation prepared a case statement setting out in detail the mission of The Foundation. A portion of the case statement is quoted below:

"The primary purpose of The Foundation is to establish an Endowment Fund, the income from which will be used to meet special needs that are not being entirely met by public funds. Such needs include, but are not limited to, new technology and expanded, updated collections and facilities.

"The purpose of The Foundation is not in any sense to replace local governmental support, which is essential in order to insure library service that is freely available to all of the community.

"The Foundation is not intended to supplant or compete with the Friends of the Library, a group which has played a vital role in supporting the Library for many years.

"The Foundation is supportive of the Library and intends to fully cooperate with its Trustees to build and maintain a library of the first class.

"The goal of The Foundation is to provide over a period of years, an endowment of at least $1,000,000. This will require many generous gifts. The Foundation is especially seeking gifts of $1,000 or more.

"Individuals are encouraged to consider leaving bequests to The Public Library Foundation through their wills or other deferred gifts.

"The Foundation has a letter from the Internal Revenue Service classifying The Public Library Foundation as a charitable organization for tax purposes. All gifts and bequests will be exempt from federal taxes.

"The Seguin-Guadalupe County Public Library has developed a long range plan that is updated from time to time as appropriate. Its most current plan lists many specific goals and objectives to be accomplished through The Foundation."

The Foundation's Campaign Fund Drive of 1995-1996.

In 1995 The Foundation initiated its second campaign fund drive which was designed to be more extensive than the initial fund drive of 1992. Harold Bogisch of Funds Unlimited was again employed by The Foundation to plan and orchestrate the campaign.

The campaign was named 'Foundations Form the Future.' Gene Dietert and Emmett Donegan agreed to act as Co-Chairs of the campaign. A committee structure was set up. Bobby Wuest chaired the Leadership Division, Nick Costas chaired the Business and Professional Division and Bill Dean chaired the Individuals Division. Various people agreed to serve on the respective divisions named above. Because of space limitations, it is not possible to name each of the volunteers who served on these divisions. However, The Foundation wants to express its thanks not only to the chairs named, but also to the many individuals who served on these various divisions.

The campaign began with a reception and dinner held at the library on March 30, 1996. This event was appropriately named "Dinner in the Stacks." The campaign volunteers personally contacted each party on the list of prospective donors. This list had been prepared by the Campaign Steering Committee of The Foundation Board with the assistance of Harold Bogisch. The parties named on the list were those who it was believed could pledge $1,000 or more to The Foundation over a period of three years.

The original goal of the campaign was to obtain cash and/or pledges totaling $125,000. When the campaign was concluded, The Foundation had in fact obtained cash and/or pledges totaling $236,161.33. Thus, the original goal was exceeded by $111,161.33. Obviously, The Foundation Board was thrilled with the final outcome of the campaign. This proved that the library has a large and generous constituency in the community. The Foundation wants to express its heartfelt thanks to all those parties who gave so generously.

Finally, The Foundation Board needs to recognize Harold Bogisch of Funds Unlimited for his work on the campaign. Without his advice and leadership, the campaign would not have attained the success which was achieved.

The Structure of The Public Library Foundation.

The Public Library Foundation is a Texas non-profit corporation. It is operated by a board of directors and officers. The Board of Directors is composed of members of the community, the president of the Friends of the Library, the chair and vice-chair of the Library Advisory Committee and the Director of the Library. Board members serve three year terms and may be reelected.

The Current Operations of The Public Library Foundation.

The Foundation conducts its operations in a businesslike manner. To this end, The Foundation:

(a) holds meetings on the third Wednesday of each quarter in January, April, July and October of each year;

(b) conducts business in the interim periods by its Standing Committees and, when needed, by Special Committees,

(c) carries such insurance as is normally carried by foundations similar in make up to The Foundation,

(d) adopts each December a Statement of Operating Expenses for the year to follow;

(e) retains a Certified Public Accountant annually to prepare a compilation of the accounting records of The Foundation and to prepare and file an informational income tax return with the Internal Revenue Service;

(f) recently updated and revised its bylaws which were filed with the Internal Revenue Service as required by The Foundation's Tax Letter;

(g) adopted an Investment Policy Statement which has been approved by a certified money manager and

(h) adopted a calendar of Annual Agenda Items which serves as a check list for the operations of The Foundation each year.

In addition to the campaign fund drives, The Foundation has a committee which applies to various foundations for grants to add to the Endowment.

In 1998, The Foundation made its first gift to the library. The sum of $3000 was donated to the Library to enable the Library to add to its collection of reference materials. This gift was made based upon the recommendation of Library Director Mark Gretchen.

The Foundation makes gifts to the Library annually based upon the recommendations of the Director. As the size of the Endowment grows, The Foundation intends to increase its yearly giving to the Library. The Foundation cannot use any portion of the principal of the Endowment to make such gifts. Only income earned from the Endowment can be so used. Accordingly, The Foundation will attempt to grow the Endowment by fund-raising campaigns, soliciting bequests to be made by will or other means of deferred giving, by making grant applications to other Foundations and by implementing its Investment Policy.

The Special Gift Opportunities for Donors to The Foundation.

The Public Library Foundation is an excellent opportunity for community minded individuals and businesses to make contributions that will have an important impact on the community for years to come. The Foundation maintains an endowment fund where the gifts are invested and only the income is used for the improvement of library services in Seguin.

Gifts may be outright, pledges, or through an estate. A contribution of $25,000 or more makes it possible to name a fund in honor or memory of someone. The income from these funds is used to improve library services. The funds truly become "living memorials."

A special purpose for a fund can be determined in consultation with The Library Foundation Board. For example, the income may be used to purchase books, make improvements in computers at the Library, or purchase videos.

There are three such funds at the present time. The Marvin Rinn Fund was established by SMI in memory of their executive who died in 1993. Income from this fund may be used for improvements generally. The SBC Fund was established by the Southwestern Bell Foundation for technology improvements. The Edward J. Gesick Fund was established under the will of the late Edward J. Gesick for the purchase of reading materials relating to business and financial matters.

Individuals are encouraged to consider including The Public Library Foundation in their estate planning. This may be done through a will, a trust arrangement, life insurance or a paid on death endorsement on a CD or other such instrument. Consult with your attorney, accountant, trust officer, life insurance agent or other estate planner. For the purpose of such gifts the legal name of the foundation is ''The Public Library Foundation." This Foundation is approved by the IRS as a cause to which gifts are tax deductible.

Even though gifts of less than $25,000 will not name a fund, contributions of any size are welcome and will be much appreciated and may be sent to The Public Library Foundation in care of the Seguin-Guadalupe County Public Library, 707 East College St., Seguin, Texas 78155.

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